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What is SV-SHIP?

SV-SHIP is a platform designed to find internships in leading companies throughout Silicon Valley. While attending school, students can gain marketable skills and work experience through these opportunities. SV-SHIP is the bridge that connects students and companies to enhance their futures.

Who Should Apply to SV-SHIP?

■ Those who want to explore abroad.

■ Those who want to increase their social skills.

■ Those who want to enrich the student life.

■ Those who want to have a better understanding of their dream career.

■ Those who want to prepare for stable employment.

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What are the Benefits?

1)Learning how to transition in the globalized world.

2)Gaining work experience parallel to academic life.

3)Connecting with entrepreneurs and investors.

4)Knowing how to proceed your career.

5)Advancing towards employment.

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Feel free to ask us about any questions or concerns that you have such as requirements for internships, tips and tools to attract employers, how to prepare, etc. We’re all ears!

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